Gerald Sciliano, Sculptor, Gerald Siciliano Studio Design Associates
BALENA<br>Black African granite 400x 200x 200 cm <br>Commercial -Industrial Park, Mountainview,CA<br>client:Mozart Development Corporation CA, USA
Black African granite 400x 200x 200 cm
Commercial -Industrial Park, Mountainview,CA
client:Mozart Development Corporation CA, USA

When the Mozart Development Company, in cooperation with the City of Mountainview CA, was searching for a plaza sculpture- a marker and focal point for their Silicon Valley commercial development project - they turned to Gerald Siciliano.

Using the clients love of whales as a theme Gerald created BALENA, a three meter tall, 8000 pound granite sculpture. Caught as if in mid-dive, a stylized whale peacefully reenters the water, its tail poised in the air.

Now a local landmark the BALENA fountain has become a sought after meeting place and a peaceful aesthetic refuge in the heart of this active business complex.

Siciliano developed the client's concepts by submitting a series of three dimensional sketches from which the final design was fabricated from a single block of black Zimbabwe granite. Gerald first enlarged the approved sketch in two stages to produce the full size model from which the stone carvers worked. Using a state of the art computer controlled diamond wire saw and traditional "old world" craftsmanship a twenty five ton block of granite was trimmed, shaped and polished into this elegant sculpture. Well ahead of schedule BALENA was carefully lowered into its fountain base under the watchful eye of the sculptor and a very satisfied developer.

Steve Dostart & John Mozart, Mozart Development Company, Palo Alto, CA
Johnson Atelier & Technical Institute of Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ